New destroyed ship models

More destroyed ship models would be amazing. It would also be beneficial in PvE/Invasion for finding the right person to duplicate. Maybe at lease three for each class. Examples:

Interceptors: ECM, Recon, CovOps

Fighters: Tackler, Command, Gunship

Frigates: Guard, Engineer, Long-Range

Aliens: Hunter, Biomorph, Predator

It is a nice eye candy, but not needed at the moment.

I rarely notice wrecks anyway! For me it’s just: kill, lock next target, turn away, chase the green circle :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I notice the wrecks… seeing a live grizzly turn into a dead alligator, it’s rather distracting flying through a debris field of alligators whilst in T4.

It should be added later.

More wreck models should be added, since some are incorrect or the same.

Defiler, since it’s an organic being “Bio Ship”, should also have certain damage textures, based on % of damage taken from 100% life pool.