New Damage Reduction mechanic

We need a new reduction mechanic for travel velocity. Ships like interceptors are dying way to fast.

I purpose the following effect



700 Ms will gran 35% Damage reduction (interceptor)

DR will began at 400 ms on an interceptor

700 ms will grant 15% Damage reduction (Fghter)

DR will began at 500 ms on an interceptor


This will allow for things like interceptor to take a ittle more damage from the fighter and frigate, and will hep the fighters remain more mobile while providing a benefit for it.

This mechanic is in the game, its called the adaptive shield.

This mechanic is in the game, its called the adaptive shield.

This and an interceptors should defend itself by evading.


Please use the proper section.

Because, you know, Hitbox mechanics, Mobility Mechanics, Spread Mechanics and Projectile Speed mechanics are already not enough.

Adaptive shield forces the player to use a module, to not get the amount of DR the purposeful suggested.


The entire purpose of the mechanic is to bring balance especially to builds that don’t build tank.

Star conflict is once again “frigate conflict”, largely due to “fail” balance

i don’t think, frigballs and ceptor survivability have a direct correlation atm.


i find ceptors still very comfortable while a team is getting shredded by a stream of guards; but at the same time, it’s still not like frigate heavy battles are always decided merely because of the ships attacking. in tournaments, you can mostly see more mixed setups, and they usually bite a lot more, while a heavy guard/frig ball can fail pretty much.


i have the decision on a ceptor to put rather static defense or adaptive defense, have to make it energy stable and increase tune it’s mobility to it’s playstyle, but not every of these decisions limit my offense, so i think those slots are there for this reason; i find fighters atm. especially some strong fighters, evade extreme punishment and with proper healing support, can come back to fight in no time. but usually, you have no fleet to rely on, in a failed pub game. so i do not see how this (giving ceptors and fighters some natural buff) would help.

Interceptors are ok as it is…you need to use the evasion and speed for more hit and run, and don’t fly straight towards an LRF in them and wonder why you die…

lol, these suggestions are pure gold