New currency: Gold Dabloons

Obtained by killing pirates and doing pirate contracts at Fort Muerto. Serves as a sort of “free synergy” for vouchers, and can be used for any upgrade.

Even with a different name or method of obtainment, something like this needs to happen.


But seriously. Single-faction voucher grinding is a pain in the buttocks. And I spend way too much time in invasion, because queuing for anything else takes ages that I don’t have.

yeah. we have too many currencies. lets make a new one.

Here I am, surrounded by the people I wish to become. But I lack one crucial element: history

We need less currencies, not more.

Then screw vouchers! Nobody liked them when they came out anyways! If we disposed of them and made one big leveling currency, then that would get rid of 5 currencies! XD

Vouchers are fine, but I would like the system, which existed in 0.7 patch back or at least make the similar one, which I have already suggested months ago.

Of course, nothing has happened. Developers reply was, that it’s not their intention to change it, or at least, not yet.

At least make us win more loyalty for completing contracts, and enlarge loyalty found in friend-or-foe modules and other such open world modules. 


Maybe double it ? It would suffice.

I’d go for higher rewards like they originally were. Back before they cut rewards and doubled cost.

there is no further currency required - less would be preferred and are under discussion