new contract voucher system

Someone can explain me how the new system work now pls ?

I put R8 jericho ship in one combat slot, my contrat voucher is jericho. I play with other R8 ships in other combat slot but with no jericho ships. When i play i don’t understand why all my contracts don’t count anything… I have to play jericho ships only ? My max ship is R15 in jericho but it’s not in a combat slot…

You need to have max rank ship that you can in combat slot so you need to have that r15. You dont need to fly it.



Devs just try to shift people from overpopulated R6-9 to deserted by Thar’gas R15.


Yeah no the voucher missions are pointless now because they restrict what ranks you can play. To get vouchers you must either rank up modules the EXTREMELY SLOW WAY (which is “research”) or play rank 15.

Play league to get loyalty.

Dreads are also a decent source. Mysterious Containers in OS used to be a great source of them but not any more. You might as well just forget they exist.

ok… thanks you all for the answers ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)