New Battleground: Pandora's Cradle

Greetings Pilots,


Star conflict features a variety of Battlegrounds: some are close to station debris

while other feature dense asteroid fields.


I’m suggesting a new map type: something between a a giant dust cloud and a nebula.


(Some of you might have played Homeworld 2 -> Sarum Dust Clouds / others may watched Battlestar Galactica -> Eye of Jupiter)


Basic setup

  • the map doesn’t have asteroids nor any form of solid cover
  • it is filled with gas clouds which block the line of sight as well as sensors
  • if you are in a gas cloud you cannot lock anything outside the cloud since you cannot see it
  • no one outside of the could can target you for the same reason
  • the visual and target lock distance inside the cloud is limited (~1000u)
  • weapons fire will pass right through the clouds
  • there are clear passages between the clouds, targeting and everything else will work normal

Reconsider this idea, improve it and don’t hit the asteroids :smiley:


Incendiary / N3UNTO3T3R