new active module

suggestion for new module:


“fish net”


a big invisible 2D square (i think about 1000x1000m) placed in front of the ship (500-2500m, i have no idea where it will be best - but also may move slowly towards in a increasing area, like a cone, till the max distance), works as a fish net - anyone who pass trough it shuts down the engines for 5 secs.


energy cost: 200en 

duration: 12sec

cooldown: 120sec


i suppose its for fighters, maybe frigs. definitively not for the intercepts( its against them)


also possible to make it as charge module, like “30en/sec” until you trigger it off (and start cooldown)

This looks… Fairly interesting. GJ.

interesting indeed, my guards would be very happy if it’s for frigs

let the tests commence!

Sounds like a tackler or guard (possibly engineer) thing, i dont like long cooldowns so id prefer a reduction in cooldown and tone down other things to compensate.

Its a really intresting idea.