New active module - Ghost

New active module “Ghost”: Destabilizes molecular structure or the ship making it immune to kinetic damage and gives ability to pass through objects for 3 sec. If by the time ships is reassembled its location intersects with an obstacle - matter stabilization is failed and ship is turned into particle cloud (destroyed). Particle cloud deals certain damage to all/enemy ships.

Sounds interesting. I like.

3 seconds is not enough

This + Warp :slight_smile:

Ghost warp… Mmmmmm…

Module is cancelled upon subsequent use of other modules :stuck_out_tongue: But there are some issues with how do you detect if ship is “inside” something as there is really only a boundary. Also these boundaries appear invisible from the inside side which would also affect the graphical visualisation for the player :slight_smile:

3 seconds is not enough

I’m afraid more than 3 could be OP…



…detect if ship is “inside”…

You send an imaginary ray. If it intersects with bounds odd number of times - you are inside (but I’m sure devs can figure out the way to determine) 

So can we get some constructive dev feedback on this? I like it.