Nerf Cyber ECM

ECMs have been a huge issue in this game since forever when it comes to battling them. The ability to disable a ship entirely for even a short amount is a little OP in my opinion, as the player cannot active modules or do virtually anything but wait until the effects wear off or they’re killed from being disabled. I’m fully aware there is a crew slot and a CPU modifier that reduces the time of the effects, but if I’m correct, it’s been asked/suggested many times that something should be introduced to negate ECM effects, not shorten the duration. It should also be noted that under certain circumstances and/or certain ships will most likely require you to compensate something else in place of the crew and/or CPU slot, so those modifiers may not always be available. Not having to wait very long for the effects to wear off is nice I guess, but if you have a module active ECMs disables it, no questions asked, and there are some ships that depend on certain modules being constantly active to keep themselves afloat.


Onto my point… cyber ECMs are fueling this ECM fire that’s been far too hot for far too long. What’s even worse is the fact they come in groups and stun you constantly, so much so it may take half or all of your time to be to retreat/survive. This is pretty frustrating when you already have a plethora of other cybers and crystallids swarming around you, but even worse when you’re disabled by multiple ECMs at a given time and you literally can’t do anything except wait and take damage.


Again, I’m aware of the methods for dealing with an ECM, but I’ve done all I can on my part and honestly cyber ECMs are such a pain to combat, not to mention they can cloak.


I know there are plenty of other players who agree that cyber ECMs are a bit ridiculous and should be re-balanced.

They are the hardest to kill in some ways, because they get the cloak, EB, seem more tanky in general than even the larger crystallids.

Most annoyingly is you cannot pick up loot while stunned ;p