NEEDED: Module Fixes

A list of buffs and nerfs needed to current modules these changes are to increase

  • viability of choosing these specific mods

  • Increased survivability

  • increased value of usage

  • Regeneration Armor : Increased to 3-5% (750 per second, on 15000 Hull) of hull per second. Current its 12-32 per second.

-Composite Armor & Adaptive shielding: Resistance needs to be increased to make it viable to use these mods in this slot over other options. Recommend 20-25 resist all.

  • Area of effect Shield Generator and Armor Repair: Increase from 125hps to 350hps. energy per second increased to 25. 5 second cool down.

-Shield and Armor Boosters (all) Cool down Reduced from 40 seconds to 8-10 seconds. energy should now be 75-85 per activation. Heal amount increased 15-20%.

  • Aoe Resistance Buffs : all need to be increased to 150-175 (depending on the quality). energy per second : 12. Cooldown : 10 seconds.

  • more coming soon.

aha and when this is done we have teams that are immortal. because the other team might not have this module. really well thought out

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I am not suggesting immortality. I am proposing that the armor tanking is buffed to a viable point where its just as effective as shield tanking.

Regenerative armor : Because the current regen armor is USELESS, we need it buffed, putting at 5-6% will regenerate lower then the 100 or the 100+50% shield regen that you can get. If you make the 5-6% Regen take place in intervals (every 3 seconds for example) it will work perfectly, it will not be over powered, because it will take time to regenerate it, the ship can still be burst’d down.

All resist items (shield and armor) Need a buff, 15-20 is just not enuff for 1 slot that can offer 50%. It needs to be increased at least to 50, i think 100 is more on key.

Repair modules being reduced to a lower timer but having energy increased does two things. first of all it stablizes the output healing amount so that its not 1 big burst heal ever 1 or 3 minutes. Instead its a constant healing effect, which is simi-tankable if taking fire, but will enable the pilots to fight a little longer. with a large energy requirement like 75-85, you simply cannot spam it. there go, making it a tactical choice of what mod to use, and making it something that needs to be done at the right time. This will enable micro-manage players to be better, it will raise the ranks of skilled players.

Aoe resistance buffs like 30-35 All resist modules that remain active, need a buff to 75-95 min, and should realistically be put around 150.

the reason for this and the buff of support mods is to make support frigates more viable and attractive. a way to keep this from being over powered is for the buffs to only apply 50% of the effect on the user, and 100% on his allies.

I like the idea of hull tanking but it shouldn’t be better than shield tanking. It should just be viable.

also resistance tanking…make active module that act like passive module. but drains energy as long as you turn it on (similar to EVE)

Regeneration Armor : Increased to 3-5% (750 per second, on 15000 Hull) of hull per second. Current its 12-32 per second.


Ok I won’t be able to kill any Empire frigate.

Yeah, this game would be awesome !

not at all. you regenerate more shields then this. also the regeneration on armor suggestion has been reworked due to the addressment of passive shield regeneration being factored into the equation.


because armor has passive or natural shield regeneration to absorb, hps armor healing would be broken (because ever 1-2 hits would have 10-30% of shields mitigation). So the armor mods, and regeneration has been changed to the following


Heals X amount ever X Amount of seconds, over X amount of duration = amount healed.


Equation A (B*C) = D/


it will work out something like this


active shield mod heals 400 health every 2 seconds, for 10 seconds , 50 second cooldown (2000 health, or 200 hps)


Active armor mod heals 600 health ever 5 seconds, for 20 seconds, 80 second cooldown. (3000 health, or 120hps)


passive mods will work similar to this with near values above.


Regeneration Armor : Increased to 2.5-3.5% every 5 seconds.


on a mid quality item (3%) it will heal 90hps, or 450 health per a 5 second cycle.

keep in mind, unlike shields, the armor does not have capacitor relays, so sheild has 2 capacitor slots to regen, as armor has one.


these values should be fairly balanced in terms of competition of healing rates.

Ok,I have an idea for the regeneration.


This should be effective only 10 secondes after the last damage.

So it won’t be used to completely destroy the capacity of interceptor to kill.

wouldent be worth using at 10 seconds, 5 seconds max would be the best rate, i favor it, though it might be more stable at 3 seconds interval, i favor trying 5 seconds first. this is because shield regeneration in this game is off the charts, and it combined with shield regen, may give heavy tank to a ship. so it has to be in intervals, so that you cant regen your way out of death. it should just be a means of healing after killing someone, or taking an extra few hits before death.


im targeting these numbers to have each ship take between 15 (low tank, dmg fitted ships) to 25-30 (Extremely heavy tank ships)

would be kewl to have a hull drainer module :>

na, would make jericho op, because of the later skill that allows them to absorb impact damage to shields, they would drain the others, then ram them, gg.


I like the idea of Empire gaining Self-Repair armor Technology. Armor that regenerations like the shielding in this game, its just armor.


we can put it like this










there is already something like this in the game…it is available at t2-2 and is called regenerative coating (hull mod) if you would increase the stats you could just go in and kill everyone without having Hp issues this forces you to plan your attacks so you can regen some Hp aftre the last attack


why not give the jericho their shield skills? using plasma weapons jericho melt as fast as ice during a hot summer…and you can use the ram shield for all factions as far as i know - the only limitation is the tech lvl / faction lvl

With due respect Incen, Run mods numbers vs weapon damage, and tell me the mod is worth the time.


22hps out of for example 15k armor. you realize how long it will take to regenerate that?

shield regen is regenerating at something like 1500hps. i doubt 750 in intervals of 3 sec will matter