Needed: improved UI for the general hangar area's social aspects.

Some aspects that need improvement include:


Possible addition of other chat channels. 


Improvements to both how visible and how accessible squads and corporation are.  Currently, its hard to even know squads can exist if you don’t read chat or look at online instruction manuals or something.  And aside from a create-corporation button there is rather little, if anything, in the way of suitably built UI components with regards to such things. 


Put simply, corporation and squad whatnot needs a workover to make it easier to just jump into.  A new player currently has limited at best indication of how to try and join a corp, and squads aren’t something they are even told exist unless they hear about them in chat or see a rare loading screen tip about them. 


I have something to add to the chat channels, make them persistant. it’s quite annoying that everytime i go into battle or out of battle i go back to global chat instead of staying in squad chat.