[NBK_ITA] - Natural Born Killers

I’m happy to inaugurate this new section with a topic about my clan.

We are all italians (and so, sorry if our english isn’t well :slight_smile: ) and all with experience in various mmo and especially in space combat games.

The clan is born in a previous sci-fi game, and the tag NBK (obviously “ITA” is for “italian”) was chosen because our style of play. In fact we don’t play for farming, mining etc, but we play to kill enemies. So, NBK means “Natural Born Killers”. :fed004:

I think it’s an apropriate name for the clan and its members, and i admit… we like the movie with the same name :fed006:

However, we frequently like dogfighting and play with light fighters, in 1vs1, or in fighters squadron, but we love also strategic things, with a fleet that count in different type/size of ship, and pilot with different skills, for a better specialization in every single role, like electronic warfare, suppressing fire, reconing, short range combat, long range combat, etc.

In fact, we have pilots experienced with light ship, others with medium, etc. Also some like to equip their ship as multirole, others choose different equip for different situation, and each one has is important role in the battle.

Anyway, play well, use tactics, have cordination, and other things like this it’s important, but we try always to play for fun. For this, our teamspeak isn’t only a way to organize battles, it’s also a good way to talk between us like friends :fed001: and make fun.

Ok, this is a little description of NBK_ITA until today… now we want to try Star Conflict, because after reading news, faq, q&a, we think SC may have a great potential, especially for player like me and my mates who love to fight :009j:

Nice presentation, AngelRipper! You are very welcome here, guys :01212:


I’m another member of NBK clan :wink:

I know Star Conflict thanks to AngelRipper, who told me about this game, and i like different things like gameplay ideas, ships design and much more. Now i only need to try :stuck_out_tongue:

In other space combat games i play almost all the time as light fighter pilot, specialized in short range combat, but i play also with bigger ships. But depends on the game and ships characteristics.


See you in space.

Hi guys I here and ready to Fight.

I’m Member of this clan from long time.

hi there i wish you and your clan the best of luck in the near future and we will see u on the battlespace

Bella sei italiano? se e si posso unirmi a te? / hello! I’m Italian, are you? can I join your clan if you’re Italian?