Name your precious ships!

I would love the ability to name my ships publicly. Like for the “Fox”, I could change it to “Dark Fox” and everyone could see and comment on it~

I really want to change my Guard from “Ronin” to “The Ronin” and other ships to more fitting plays on words like “Black Dragon” to “Nightfury” like I saw once. >w<

There’s nothing to this suggestion and it is purely aesthetic.

To keep people from naming their ships profanities, simply add words to a blacklist so they can’t change its name if that word is in it.

This is not planned.

This is not planned.

Then plan for it, because it’s going to happen eventually.

Well there’s that SCI-FI game which is I think dying… Anyways in it you can rename the ships, everyone can see the changed name, BUT! They can also see the real name for the ship.