Name Your Dreadnought

Since the first corporations are so close to finish their first dreadnoughts, I was thinking how we should call them. Actually, we had a little discussion in STEEL about her name.


I started with Miho… ofc. She is cute but deadly… my kinda gal.


Someone came up with Lara.


Then there was River… also the deadly kind.


We had a Lucy ‘vote’.


Oh and Twitty… qualifies as a chick but c’mon.


And there were a few more that I can’t recall right now.



So what do you guys say? Which name fits which ship?

I say that it should be more like “Imperial Dreadnaught XXXX” or “Federal” etcetc

Someone suggested we call ours “Dreadnaughty”

I would call her, Lady of the Lake ! :004j:

i’m leaning towards, the Vendetta. 

i’m leaning towards, the Vendetta. 

Change to Vendy and it would be nice indeed. XD

I’ll call it Illuminati Potato.



Someone suggested we call ours “Dreadnaughty”

We could name ours the Tillonaughty!



Its “Steve?”


I hope it won’t have the same fate as the original Steve XD

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We could name ours the Tillonaughty!


I second this motion.


Either that or we should paint it completely yellow and name it the Yellow Submarine

Why not Jeff? give it a custom sound for all the guns onboard, especially those chainguns on the empire from the leaked footage


“my name is jef… my name… my… m m m m m mm m m mm m m m”



Or Flandre Scarlet

WARNING: some blood, loli, nightmarefuel. maxresdefault.jpg


Lady of the Red Mist.

The Scarlet Devil.

The Sister of The Devil.



Scarlet Stom.


ALAN! ALAN!       ALAN!    ALAN!   ALAN!   



The Nemesis is the Scat Scooper…

The Fednought.

should name it Moon Moon.

lol… You know what, that should be the official name of the empire dread.

That or derpy.