Naked Destroyer Weapons

Since every ship has a primary weapon that is default equipped on the ship, and since the active modules on destroyers are essentially their primary weapons, I think that destroyers could use a “default” active module turret. When a module is not installed, a very low-damage PDT needs to be on the module slot to compensate. It should be weak enough to say “use actual modules” but strong enough to compensate for new destroyer pilots’ lack of active modules.


-Point Defense Turret

Damage: 310 kinetic

RoF: 240rpm

Range: 3,000m

Projectile speed: 8,500m/s

Recharge: 30s

Energy: 1,200pts

Tooltip: Passively fires a minigun at nearby enemies and drones. Activation increases damage by 25% and allows the turret to knock out 3 missiles.

Yeah, I agree since all destroyer modules are initially unavailable.


I also wish they would allow for duplicate modules though, especially since some destroyers have module slots on the left and right, it’s really odd having them be lopsided like that.

Why not be able to have at least of 2 of the same type, even if it is restricted to certain module types? Like allowing 2 thermal beams, but not 2 wormhole projectors. A downside could be 50% shared cooldown, so you can’t use both of the same type at once, but can use that type twice as often.