my thoughts

So far for me, the game is AWESOME :smiley: I love it, great variety of weps, mods, etc. Game seems balanced well, of course there are somethings that can be op from time to time. I mean only thing there is of course is add some content every now and then, cause who knows how many crazy different modules can be thought up of as time goes on. Simply need more word about the game for more players, and more maps LOTS OF MAPS.


One thing about maps is, i notice very map has random asteriods, lets change that to something else like, a ship graveyard, or a full blown space junkyard, or map where were fighting around a giant orbital station, something along those lines. I forget which map, the one with the giant crater and mining machine thing. There could be a map where in the backgroud or giant “star destroyer” like ships fighthing.

(wish i could draw or use something like photoshop, to show you guys some of my ideas) :frowning:


I still feel though, the game needs a strong tutorial so the “garage/hanger” and in-game interface dont seem daunting and confusing.


Some sorta custom crosshair option, maybe 2 more styles of HUD in-game interface?


WE NEEED A COCKPIT VIEW!!! just cause! no really must have, we cant have a spaceship game with no cockpit view!


thats all for now, thanks.