[MUSIC] patch 1.0.1.


In 1.0.1, there was added more “intense” music to “main menu” -hangar.

Its ok, but I would prefer to have menu without this music.

Why? Because on higher tiers, there is quite long waiting time, and just staring 3-5 minutes into monitor is not good, is it? Yes, There is an option to disable ALL music, but I dont want to do it, music ingame is nice :slight_smile:

There is other option, to disable sound in background (so I won’t hear music when I am doing something else while game is trying to find a fight). That’s not good too, because there are background sounds indicating, that match has been found and I should restore the game window and play.


So. Is it posiible to add an option “Disable sound at hangar”?


Thanks :slight_smile:

we will keep track of it, atm the demand is not given