Multipurpose Module: Ablative Armour

A barrier surrounds the ship preventing all hull damage for 5 seconds. During this time, weapons and other active modules may not be used. Engines and afterburners may still be used. Shields would also be susceptible to damage.


Yes, if it also slow you down kinda like the emergency shield thingy on Thar’Ga.

Nah just disable weapons. ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

I like it.

I was proposing that, because at the moment there already are many modules used to run away from a fight or make you close to invicible for precious secondes. And sometime totally invincible. Energy converter, Emergency barrier and the likes.

If this a module like that comes out without bigger drawback, i can see someone building the “invincible man” build. Popping one after the other making you pretty much unkillable and by the time the last you popped gets on cooldown, the first one is ready to be used again. Who need damaging module, cloak, speed mods when you can just pew pew with your gun and not be killed. This module no pew pew, used as a waiting room for your first to come back up.

Don’t get me wrong, i like the idea. But if you pair it with everything else the game as to offer.

Maybe give it an insane cooldown time. Like 3 minutes. Lock it to a specific role or something. Leaving it as described, i cannot agree.

10 seconds of immortality?? what about bomb runs???

Changed it to five seconds.

Five seconds. Enough to render long range frigs helpless, as close range dps ships will have no trouble reaching them… And the people, who complain about the destroyer’s vulnerability in close range combat won’t like it for the same reason.

I also believe that overextending into the enemy team should be punished. A simple gtfo button makes things too easy.

5 secondes makes more sense. Kind’of a combat reboot for other types. Even with 5 sec invincibility i’d still give it 120 secondes cooldown. Taking into account that Rapidus III(r13 cooldown implant) exist.


If 5 secondes and at least 120 secondes cooldown. Maybe start with 90 secondes if released, then if it create imbalance, up to 120.

I say 85 seconds. It shouldn’t be a one press wonder

Added for review.


You could travel quite a big distance without being damaged… Long range frigates would be left helpless, they rely on killing the target before it kills you. No more emergency barrier stuff with invulnerability please.