Craftable module. Basically creates a beacon that does absolutely nothing, has zero range, deals zero damage and has limited health.


Works between ranks 6-10, 9-13 and 12-15. Each one has a variant durability and time before it expires.




Costs 1000 monos to produce, 1 bil creds and bp can be found outside the current sectors, sure xD

There should be a section for “I am bored, gonna make a non-sense suggestion”

I want some of what he’s having, whatever it is

I want some of what he’s having, whatever it is

Probably 420 that I talked about in your 4k posts. YOU GOT 4K SCREEN WITH YOUR 4K POSTS!?!??!?!!?1!!!/1!?1/?!

I’ll take two

actually, if the beacon was showing distance, like the micro…recon thingy, then I would find it quite usefull. for example, measuring the dreadnought, or, measuring the sectors. of course it would be great if they kept being active for like 5 minutes, so you could actually have some time to fly somewhere and measure the distance. On the second though, we already have that micromodule, so it would be comletely useless. 

Not useless, but redundant. Also, it would be yet another object to take fire away from yourself and your team. It would also asplode any ships that warped in to it. See? Completely useful. XD