Multiple Teams in Custom Battle

Like the title says, it would be nice to be able to have multiple teams in custom battle as an option. Up to a maximum of 6 teams which would equal a 12v12 in a regular game having a 4 man squad in each team. Spawn points would be equally distributed around the map. Like a pie chart.

Custom should be custom. Anyway you want it and it doesn’t hurt the game in anyway at all. Idgi why a person would vote no but whatever. At least give reason instead of trolling.

Game isn’t built for x vs y vs z. You’d need unique spawns for each team and handling of beacons, team identification, etc.


It’s not worth doing for the sake of a custom game that 99% of the players won’t ever use.

The game can be made for x vs y vs z. It’s just that certain game modes and maps are conducive to multiple teams. On the flip side, there are game modes and maps that will do just fine. For example: team battle, ice map, any number of teams. Or domination, the three outposts with warpgates, only suitable for 2 or 3 teams.

Thing I don’t understand is why do people limit their imagination when there is no risk. In reality… How hard can programming a spawn point be? It’s easy in Unity.

Because it’s wasting time and effort that could be spent on content we actually want. That’s why it’s a problem. If the devs implemented every stupid idea people post ‘just to try it’ the game would collapse within a month.

Neat idea, but I agree with others; the game is not made for this.  There is no suscinct way to manage a battle on all fronts, especially in 3D space.  There will inevitably be spawn camping, an all-out brawl, or other unproductive game forms.




or actually…the enemy’s gate is…EVERYWHERE!!! :008j:

Ender’s game reference.