Moving Asteroid Map

Hi all


I think this would be a very cool map.


Many smaller asteroids, randomly sized from frig size to about 5x or 10x that size.


Asteroids are constantly moving across the map at a speed maybe 50-150, so fairly fast.


All asteroids should move in relatively the same direction.



THanks Rufe0

There could be one of these micro-sun in the middle of map, and asteroids circle around the map like in some kind of orbit. Sounds nice, but the problem might be technical issues here. As they are static right now they require performance only when interracting with player ships and projectiles. If they were moving, then the possition would be recalculated every iteration(and sent over net), and dynamic shadows as well, etc. It’s not like it is imposible, but i dont think that the game is optimized for that kind of stuff.