Move Gargoyle to rank 12 or 13

Since there is no way you could be convinced to change the matchmaking system, instead I propose that the new ship Gargoyle is moved to rank 12 or rank 13.

The reasoning behind the suggestion are several facts. As a ship of rank 10, it can encounter rank 5 ships in PvP battles. And except for frigates of this rank, none can survive a 25k damage shot. As much as anyone can enjoy some seal clubbing, this is just not fair. I can understand that the decision to make it a r10 ship is probably based on the fact that r10 is unavailable in both tournaments and SCL. But changing its rank to 12 or 13 would prevent it from standing against lower tiered players that will absolutely have no chance to counter it. And also it would lower the damage resistance boost it gets in PvP if it’s put into a r10-15 battle. It also has 9 modifier slots which is something ships only get at rank 11 and above and the bonuses in “hard” PvP make it way too tanky for a ship that can oneshot interceptors and fighters with ease at a distance over 10 kilometres.

Screenshot related, 13 easy kills without dying once and I play Empire LRFs about twice a year20161220224104_1.jpg.efb3a9e889b11548f5cf093c7c5ade08.jpg.

the same could be said about the Dart