Mouse sensitivity

I use a wireless trackball to play.  It’s just more comfortable for me long term.  I currently have the mouse sensitivity as low as possible in the game, but it’s not insensitive enough for targetting ships.  The speed setting for the desktop’s good for me, and I don’t want to deal with changing that.  Can the sensitivity be reduced even more?

Try advanced controls

There is a slider to adjust the in game sensitivity, alternatively you should invest in a good gaming grade mouse which have on the fly sensitivity settings for you to adjust.

I’ve used the slider in the game settings, it’s as low as possible right now.  If you can find a good gaming mouse that can work when I’m sitting in a recliner while using my laptop, I might get it.  I’d have to attempt gluing a mouse pad to some hardboard and hope it doesn’t wobble.  If that doesn’t work, I could be out $100.

I use Razer Naga Epic gaming mouse. It has on the fly sensitivity and has 12 buttons on the side to allow you to active your active modules with out moving your hand away from ship controls.

You can disable mouse acceleration for better control.

right click your desktop, click personalize… click change mouse pointers… click pointer options tab, and lower the speed on the Motion pointer speed slider.


That will help you I am sure of it. Make sure Enhance pointer precision is on.


otherwise, since your in a recliner, why not get a TV-tray and use a mousepad on it? personally I think as JPhack mentioned, Razer Naga is the best gaming mouse. But make sure to NOT INSTALL THEIR SOFTWARE (Synapse) It xxxx up EVERYTHING … Just let windows install the mouse drivers automatically and don’t xxxx with it. I installed their software after a day of great gaming when I first got the mouse and everything changed. The sensitivity, accuracy, precision, acceleration, it was all so messed up and not consistant whatsoever. I had to Roll Back the driver in device manager to finally get it stable again, so take my advice and get the mouse, but do not install any software they want you to download.

I’ve looked at it, either that or the hex would work for me.  I tried adjusting the windows sensitivity some, but too low and everything else on the computer sucks, and maneuvering in an interceptor feels like a death trap.  I’d have to switch to frigate for every mission.  If I could use the two awkward buttons on my mouse to change sensitivity, I would, but there’s no option.  I’d probably have to tie it up in windows and not SC.  I’ll be on the lookout for a used mouse, or a cheap decent quality gaming mouse.  I’m not trying to join ESB, but I know my hardware’s holding me back some.  I try to keep moving in game, so I have to keep moving the cursor in game.