Mouse-look targeting

Instead of moving the targeting cross-hair like a mouse cursor, I would like to be able to keep the targeting cross-hair stationary (screen center) and use mouse-look to aim (like a first/third-person shooter). The ship would then follow where you aim like it currently does.

The game already has mouse-look and the rest of the ship-follows-cross-hair thing going, so I can’t imagine this should be that difficult to do… just a different way of aiming.

The game is unplayable for me right now because the default controls feel so awkward. Without the above suggestion implemented (or real joystick support, which this suggestion should also help accomplish), I can’t play the game (and as a fan of space shooters, I’d really like to).

Did you try setting ‘expert’ controls instead of ‘standard’? It’s in the game options, and it’s almost like the one you described. I keep bumping stuff if I fly a fighter or 'ceptor without it.


The downside is that frigates are unplayable that way. I try not forget to switch when I change ships, but usually I do. My current solution is to not fly frigates. Though the feature I miss the most is a hotkey to switch control schemes.

“Expert” just limits how far you can move the cross-hair/cursor (so you can’t look behind your ship). The problem is moving the cross-hair as if it was a mouse cursor. For me, that just isn’t “flying”.

I dunno why not , when it can be implemented and brings us a few more players why not. Both posts above me i can understand. For intys and may be for fighters it will be a good addition to have but Must be tested. For frigs it’s not preferable. So may be a keybinding to switch fly modes in game ? I fly now 1 fighter , 1 inty , 2 frigs, so when use this mode i have to focus on either or :wink: