mouse cursor and Language

hello personnel gaijin, I have a suggestion and a doubt about the star conflict.


I believe the suggestion be easy to implement, in some scenarios the game, to have so many details it is difficult to accurately SEE the crosshair cursor still moving everywhere. I do not know if it is because it is small or the color of  not highlight . and this hinders the moment of targeting an enemy in a battle where you have more but next cursor movement. then the suggestion is to give the possibility to change the icon and the icon or color of the crosshairs, allowing you to choose a color easier to see.


doubts about the game enough ta growing in several countries, in aqueous Brazil too, then you want to translate the game to Portuguese? would be good to attract more Brazilian players, and it would also be fair enough right after the game already has 3, 4 different languages​​. why not the Portuguese of Brazil?


I await the response from GM’s



obs:sorry english is bad :confused: I used the google translator

There are already threads about this, but I support the suggestion itself.

[](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19611-losing-track-of-your-aiming-reticle-make-it-more-noticable/)


Already discussed and tweaked, but 2 months ago… still waiting on devs input…