Mouse controls

Hi there

I started the tutorial last night, and the 1st thing I checked out was the responsiveness of the control system (mouse + KB) - here are two points which I think is vital to improve…

  1. The mouse sensitivity slider is WAY off the scale. Just sliding the slider 1 “tick” to the right makes my mouse too sensitive in-game, and sliding it back a tick makes it too sluggish again. I run a Logitech LS1 Laser Mouse with logitech setpoint drivers - very simple 3-button, nothing special.
  2. There is no “invert mouse Y axis” option for people who like to play the correct pilot way. This may seem a bit petty, but for me it’s a total game-breaker.

Also, if you guys can get the localization to english done, or at least just release the changelogs in english as well, us “beta testers” can keep track a bit better and give better feedback.

So far it looks impressive though, plenty of potential.


thank you for your feedback.

  1. There has been a change in the new Patch.

  2. I will ask if this can be done.

The game is translated into english, only tutorial and voices are in russian. This will also be done in the next time.

Changelog for todays patch has been posted.