Mountpoints (blank padded) on ships (interceptors, gunships, frigates) and Tar'ga

With the new ship of the Ellydium faction called  Thar’ga  from Star Conflict version 1.4.0 “Evolution” a new grade of powerfulness of the fighter class ships has arrived. It is newest tech level, even based on alien biomorphing crystals.


I wondered if the three old factions: Empire, Federation, Jericho, would adapt to this new fire power by equiping their ships with new modules on the blank padded mount points on their ships?


If I am not mistaken, interceptors have at least one blank mount, fighter-class ships have at least two and frigate-class ships also have two blank padded mount points; see the attached pictures.


What do you think – would additionally  mounted modules (dessstroyer-styl, but smaller) be a good counter  against the Thar’ga?

Would this be doable by the game-designers/developers?


P.S.: The Thar’ga module Crystal drone -as depicted in the pictures- is just an example.