Mothership mode.

Hello everyone, my suggestion would be a mothership mode where one team defend a ship big and slow (cpu controlled) that would advance on a base and this team would class constraint (for example only fighters) and the other team would advance to prevent the arrival this mothership base. It would be interesting if only the team could use frigates with the mothership to repair the power turents the mothership. Sorry for the english because I used the google translator. bye


your draw skills are amazing haha:D but does sound like an intresting mode, but maybe more for PvE than PvP?

would be nice but in reality you get all the inty’s rushing in to die, then the fighters and the frigs still on their way in wondering what the hell happened to the team.


In a well constructed team with tactics and orders yes this would be great.

It will be coming in the next few updates

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Sounds like a cool idea! Reminds me of the space battles in Star Wars Battlefront II, and that’s a good thing.