More than 2 teams

Let us suppose that we have more than two teams. The teams are probably 4 or 6 players. The objective is to remove all the opposing teams and be the last team standing. It is kind of a mix between a FFA and a team deathmatch. Realistic being only able to stick to one ship. once you are destroyed you can’t respawn


An obvious problem would be a frig ball. 


State any further problems or suggestions below.



I also think there should be free for all :slight_smile:

Wait for Open Space and then we shall see.

A 3 way with Deathmatch could actually make this fun. DM at the moment is a campfest bore. I don’t see it’s purpose.  

Free for all? 


There is no free for all. Its like this “Still work as a team” and then once everyone dies. Have an epic duel to the death! 

3 teams mash up - sure. FFA - nope.

3 teams mash up - sure. FFA - nope.


3 teams = Mexican standoff.

Wait. better Idea. 


Lets play “Capture the Sweet Roll” Its like capture the flag or king of the hill. Its still free for all and the objective is to hold the sweet roll for the longest amount of time to win. 

This could be a good idea, but the main problem I see is that most maps have mirror symmetry, so it would be difficult to make 3 spawning zones balanced.


Except in the one map with a lot of gates and 3 stations.

Slight problem so how about ship class and amount restrictions.



1: 2 Frigs a Team, 2 Fighters a Team or 2 Ints a team.

2: 1 of each class (ex, Engine, Fighter) while 2 of each type (Frig, Fighter, Int).

If it’s too much then stick to the 1st statement.


Downer is that you need 1 of each ship type to enter, a int, fighter and frig must be in your ship slots.


With this we have unravelled the frig ball.


I like it, nice idea. Happy flying  :salute: