More stuff to loot

My idea is to add more stuff for looting, like for example:

  • one of ships you can buy;
  • a “premium ticket” - item that gives you premium for free after you use it (rarity depending on premium lenght);
  • weapon for one of the ships you currently use - rarity depending on damage and level (Mk. 3 would be rare, but Mk.1 not so much);
  • free repairs and/or ammo refill after the battle;
  • galactic standars pack - maximum 2000 gs;
  • synergy - plus one bar on all ships used in the battle;

It would make loot collecting much more intresting, and motivate players to win.


  1. Anything past tier 1 with this would be a “Here’s a multi million loot drop” and happening more than once would be giving too much away.

  2. A discount on premium/standards would be more likely.

  3. Because I want to clutter up my inventory with more Mk. 1 junk and because the devs would totally want you to shortcut a 100k voucher grind.

  4. Basically what the credit loots already do. Found 5k of loot with a 5k repair bill? Good for you!

  5. Because people already love how SC rewards barely pay for paint, and seeing 1-2 trickle in from loot would be even more lovely.

  6. An extra 1000-2000  non-free synergy per loot cache, much like finding vouchers in loot, would be nice, if less valuable than vouchers.