More loyalty rewards and "welcome back" rewards

Two quick concepts - one to reward loyalty, one to help people returning from absence.


The Loyalty Boost:

If you play for 5 days in a row you get a big block of cash and loyalty with a subfaction, right? Well, I thought if you played for longer - say, 15 or 20 days - you could get a special message pop up saying “Your loyalty to the [your faction] has not gone unnoticed. Accept this reward…” and for the next few days you get +10% reward to everything. Cash, loyalty, synergy and reputation. All +10%.


The Welcome Back:

Same as above, except the message is obviously different, and the +10% bonus only lasts, say, 3 hours.


The Welcome Back should be given if you haven’t played in over five days. It’s there to try and help players catch up with their friends and rivals who may not have been inactive and thus will have a lead on them.

I could imagine this being a great help to bring more active players to star confclit :yes_yes:

I concur.

I agree as well.

Suggestion will be forwarded :slight_smile:

I add my vote :smiley: