More detailed profile stats, better mail, better chat

May you expand the profile with more detailed stats.  For instance, it has the total ships destroyed-expend it to have the types of ships (either T1-5 and or class).  The games won-expend it to have what types of games were played and won/lost.


For the mail system, why do you have us confirm the rewards after a completed contract or successful mission, it should be automatic. Who in their right mind would say no to $ and items.


Also, for the corporations, add a way to tell us how we are making the group better, how much we are contributing by doing missions etc.  All you have now is just a roster.  I have no idea how you formulate a positive score to make it go up and do to the fact that you find yourself fighting your own crew you loose points etc. If that is the case make a better algorithm to have the pilots from the same corporation on the same side.


Chat is a pain in the arse.


I really enjoy the game and gave been sinking hrs into it.  Piloting reminds me of Freelancer.