More Death from the Death Star

At the present time, the Death Star (Mysterious gunship missile) is exceptionally difficult to use and doesn’t really track targets to any useful extent. It looks cool in PvE but that’s about it.


I propose a few minor yet significant changes to it to make it a more viable option over other missile types:


-Extend the “jump” flight range between targets to about 800-1000m.


-Make the anomaly jump straight from one target to another, instead of continuing on a straight path. (Basically generate a new anomaly on each impact, towards the nearest target)


-Increase the number of possible jumps greatly. 3 is just… Not enough. It needs to be able to jump between targets at least 5 times, with more times being more satisfying. I’d prefer it jump an infinite number of times, but only while a new target is in range. (Can’t just hop on the same target over and over). Possibly having it where it requires at least 3 targets to jump between so it doesn’t create feedback between two targets that are close together.


-Reduce damage done between each jump by 20% of the previous anomaly’s damage.


-Increase clip size by 1.