More Crosshair Designs

I have a problem that may sound silly on my part but it sure causes me some difficulties ever since… umm… I don’t know, maybe since a lot of new effects have been introduced with the Elly ships.

So, my problem is that I often lose sight of the crosshairs of my ships. I cannot find a visible enough type and color that I can see well when there are heavy fights with many ships, explosions, effects, etc. It might be because of my crappy PC and low graphics but something is sure going on because I haven’t had this issue before.


Therefore I would suggest, or rather ask for some new colors and new designs for crosshairs. Maybe a variable size setup for certain HUD elements.


This is all. Thanks.

I move the mouse and I notice where it is. (Not always successful.)  ![:):](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/).png “:):”) It was already yellow, green, white, red.



As someone with eyesight problems I would love the ability to make the cross-hair bigger.


When things get busy on screen I often lose sight of it.

Here is a design that might help:


xhair1.png.3195d9db78be783ca39e587ad076d009.png xhair2.png.97a15e2608ced3dcce3376b7dffc683e.png

Paint FTW.


It could even be multicolored or flashing when on target. I like the one that flashes when you hit an enemy because it is bigger so maybe with that size it could work.



If you guys have your own ideas for crosshairs or have seen a good one in other games feel free to post it here. 




I did not find a color that does not disappear in some background. Maybe flashing would help.

Another one:


The sections of the arrows could flash and have different colors.




oh yes flashing is a very good idea !

Something like this would be great too: