More challenging PvE

As Star Conflict veteran player i want to bring some thoughts here, some suggestions what needs to be changed. 

Seed-chips are great feature that made PvE mode really interesting to play. With it came some problems, at some point everything becomes too easy.

1. Missions
There are many missions already, i would like to see some more but also npc ships to do something more rather than just flying forward and shooting (good npc ships such as Enclave ships from open space, with stealth, maneuvers, special abilities/debuffs). However real problem is PvE-mission matchmaking. It always happens that there is either guy who passed level 80 mission or new player who is on lvl 1. It is not funny to have either and perfect scenario would be to get people with same/similar mission level so everyone can pass their limit and be useful. I understand why matchamking for it is where it is(not many players playing) but it would be good if we could at least match with only 1 or other 2 players who are on same level, maybe even having solo-alone option. 

I would like to see those missions being more challanging/hard so people would bring special compositions such as having 1 engineer, 1 command and 1 dps player and 1 who will pull aggro away from team rather than having 1 guy who will carry it and guy who will instant select lvl 1 and throw.

2. Special operations-raids
All i can say is that 12 man pve content is awesome as it is.
I like the way “Destroyer” have special mechanics such as gravity pull, long range beams. 
I like the way newest one with fast ships, doing multiple different things in order to take massive boss down with its mechanics and phases.
What is really outdated is Defiler. Only special mechanic is to close portals which maybe one or few players do, the rest just shoot. It is pure dps check boss and needs some more mechanics.

I would like to see more spec ops options in future with new mechanics and new bosses. It is exactly what this game needs, a group content that bring many people together to play.

3. Vs-Al mode

I have to say that this mode have no purpose besides being a daily. Players just spawn-camp npcs and overkill, there is nothing fun about it.

What could be done there as such mode allow seed-chips(advantage) is to rise number of npcs from 10 to 30 for example or even more. It to be something like invasion of npcs that are there to push real players to spawn spot. I would like to see it being harder and people bringing healers and supports, even going under stealth to avoid npcs would be such a great tactic. It would be more challenging and fun to play. Npcs should also act like “Enclave” npcs with doing something more than just flying forward and shooting.

4. Open space

I can say that open space have its purpose, it is well rewarded in order to make people interested into it. Farming Enclave ships for seed-chips is really cool thing as those ships bring resistance and provide great rewards. Farming asteroids patiently also brings special resources needed. Encountering Enclave Destroyers brings some challenge and cool rare seed-chips with special effects.

I think open space overall is good as it is, maybe there could be some special auto-events going on each map and tasks could be more connected to those rather than jumping to a map to just one shot something and return to station for reward. 

5. What is missing?
What i would like to see are story quests in game. Some higher connection between players, factions and ships even maps. 
The way i see such stories is like being focused to get specific ships in order to start a quest then quest leads you to an instance of some map where something happens and where you need to interact with npcs either with role of your ship or in some gameplay. It would really build a whole new feeling being part of Jericho for example and flying some Jericho ship on Jericho maps, having in mind their cybernetic culture and shielding ideology. There could be told what happened between Federation and Empire factions. For example you start a quest as a warrior entering massive war of thousands of ships on both sides firing on each other, flying and your mission is to find your rebel squad and do some assassination on Emperor. Your squad fails, Emperor punish your crew with death while you are left to grow stronger seeking revenge and somehow Federation, free worlds come into the light and future stories. 

Overall game is lacking a content, adding new ships is nice but we need more things to play and things need to be harder as seed-chips provides a god power to a player. 
This is just some suggestion as hope that game will continue to develop. Best regards.