Hey I just wanted to Mention something about the Monocrystalls:


After the new Patch, I seen, that you are not able anymore to find that much Monocrystalls. But before, you could get in a 2Hour space (dayly) Monocrystalls or in a 24H space? as example.

What I want to say, it was easyer to get Monocrystalls in Gme than now. You may get 2 Missions in Open Space to earn them, but that is to low! It would be more Fun and easyer to get them like before, because it is closely unable to Produce Weapons,Modules or Shipparts. Yeah, you can Trade them with other Players, but don´t forget, not every Player wants to buy Gold to Trade those with the Players.


Please at least add a better Way to earn Monocrystalls so it wont need Weeks or over a Month to Build some Ship Parts, Weapons or something else…

There will always be some up and downs with each patch, if something is in a serious deficit then it will be buffed a bit and if something is flooding the game it would be nerfed as well. In this case monocrystals flooded heavily the game in the past few months so there will be some changes regarding that, for the time being please be patient.

I would like to point out that there are other ways to get  monocrystals:

  1. Buy the Contraband container, it costs 700 iridium
  2. If you are in a corporation with a Dreadnought, you may ask your officer if Dreadnought can be moved to ‘Vanguard outpost’. If you attend Conquest, you will get 4 monocrystals per victory and 1 per loss. Your corporation doesn’t have to own the sector.
  3. (Specified previously) You can get some monocrystals by doing missions in open space. If it’s too hard for you, don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are plenty of pilots who will assist you if you ask them.
  4. _(Specified previously) _You can buy monocrystalsfrom other players. You can get Golden standarts for that from Happy hours, or by doing ‘Regular’ tasks. You can expect about 500gs per month. You can buy 50 monocrystals for that, if you’re buying at lowest price. Wait it out, it’s worth it.

Also, about a year ago, monocrystals were as rare as they are today, and everything worked out pretty okay. 


somewhat off topic

But, I also do not appreciate when changes such as these don’t get annouced ahead of time. I recall building my second destroyer, I had everything ready, except for one type of the rare resource (berrylium or neodymium, not sure) and after a week of random drops I was finally able to build it and two days later  the mission granting you 20 of any rare resource each day was intoduced. 

The Iridium prices for any container is still way too high imho.

700 iri for ONE contra container? No thanks lmao.

But now monos are back to how they used to be. Super hard to get, so their respective items become much more valuable.