[Mole] Calibrated Shockwave

It’s been a good while since the Mole was released, and it’s seen it’s ups and downs. One thing that stuck around that we the people just don’t understand is the special module. The drones were designed for the first iteration of the new mining system, so that they didn’t shoot at the asteroids, though now that drones don’t shoot at asteroids they serve ZERO purpose. Sure it’s a rather unique feature to be able to shoot healing drones at allies, but the heals are mediocre at best, and there is no other benefit or use case. We think it’s about time that the Mole got a proper MINING tool as a special module. (And another neat idea)


Name: Calibrated Shockwave 

Type: Mole Special Module

Range: 1,500m

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Tooltip/function: Fires a shockwave in all directions that disrupts nearby asteroids, causing them to drop their maximum yield instantly. Enemy ships within the radius also experience a dramatic drop in hull resistance due to the resonant shock.



Name: Modulated Tractor Beam

Type: Mole Passive Module

Tooltip: Splits the tractor beam in to multiple beams that can simultaneously pick up a max of 4 items around the ship.