Module Request: T1 Support Hull Repair

as the title reads i suggests that a support module for the frigate is introduced which already exists at t2 but should be available at t1: the frigate support module for team hull repair

right now there’s a one time hull repair 360sec cooldown support module - the shield support module (both variants) is however available

since the standard repair modules are not usable as needed this might encourage to little less camping and more offensive tactics

the problem with sniping is the range, thats all. maybe a few damage tweaks here and there, but other then that weapons are closing to where they need.

what needs to happen is a “max weapons range” mechanic needs to be added, other wise you will always find someone pushing for that long range snipe. It should be that a mechanic like this is directly controlled. a 6.5k nerf is a good way to do it. More then that and its to far for something to possibly tank and live long enuff to have a fighting change. anything under 5k is not really a snipe. so it seems to be that 5.5k-6.5k is the sweet zone for sniping.

i believe that all weapons should have a varriant for long range, but that range shouldent be near the damage that the heavy weapons do. the damage should go as follows from lest to most

rapid fire weapons

long range weapons

assault weapons

heavy weapons

lastly, there is a issue with survivability. 360sec mods will just not work, ever. because its unstable. the game needs a stable source of repair, that is limited in its usage. the best way to do this is energy as the control mechanic.

give people the ability to customize their lay out more with making all capacitors into one type, so you can potentially stack the same kind with a diminishing return effect.

reduce the cooldown of all repair mods to 10-15 seconds (depending on if its shield or armor).

make the self heals cost 75-85 energy per use (so you can spam it more then 4 times) possibly even more then that.

make the aoe heals cost 35-45 energy

and upgrade all the other mods energy costs here

most importantly all damage should be nerfed. no base hit s hould be over 500 damage, and no critical over 1000k

special weapons like deathrey and nuke should do 2.5k ish.

doing these changes would vastly improve and balance combat. and it wouldent be so much hide and snipe, but it would be more of alright, i can take a few hits, lets dish some damage. these sort of levels of repair will not keep you from getting killed out right, but it will help you to last more then 2-3 hits.