[module] missile guidance system (CPU slot)

Hello fellow spaceship pilots o/


I noticed that missile based ships are not really possible. Currently there is only one module for missiles, as far as I can see. And I think a “missile guidance system” (+speed/agility for missiles, CPU slot, maybe rank 4+) would give those people who are not really good with aiming a low risk low reward option, building a ship that has buffed missiles instead of increased crit for the main gun.


There could also be modules that increase missile count per magazine or missile damage, although I’m not sure how that would affect balancing. The speed/agility module wouldn’t screw with balancing too much, as there are plenty of options to dodge missiles, even if they have increased agility.

I like it! Lemme just work out a little module desc…


Name: Improved Missile Guidance System

Type: Passive CPU Module

Tooltip: Increases missile and rocket speed by 20%, range by 30%, tracking by 10%, damage by 20% and increases clip size by +2. Makes rockets slightly homing.


Good, yes? :3

No, to many modifiers for 1 module

could be simplified to “Increases all stats of missiles and rockets.” and just leave the actual numbers to speculation. Would you like that better?

Missile guidance should increase speed and agility of the missile. You could then add a second module that extends range, maybe as a hull mod

lol, no. One module should not affect all of these in the same time.

Look at weapons:

Infrared (scanners) -> Crit

Coprocessor -> Crit Dmg

E-Guidance -> Spread

PulseDischrger -> Dmg

Heatsinks -> Firerate

Acceleration Coils -> Projectile speed

Horizons -> range

and look at your modules -> “yeye lets give all the bonuses!”

Look what you have done, Fox. Now everybody thinks I suggested one module for all stats, which is clearly not what I did. Of course each module gets one bonus, except the speed/agility one (the corresponding crew skill increases both, so I assumed that it’s roughly the proper power level).

“Boosts missile speed and turn speed by 30%”