Module changes

Change the module to base Rate from %


RoF  (Cooling System)

mk1: 15RPM

mk2: 20RPM

mk3: 25RPM

mk4: 30RPM



Range  (horizon)

mk1: 700 Optimal

mk2: 900 Optimal

mk3: 1100 Optimal

mk4: 1400 Optimal




Shield HP change

Shield HP 10-12.5% + 20 All Resistance

Armor HP 10-12.5%  Regeneration armor by 45 / s


[New] + 6.5-9.5% Speed - 5% Capacitor Regeneration

**[New] **Capacitor increased by 7.5% Regen by 2.5%

[New] Weapon Damage increased by 5%-7.5%, reduced energy regeneration by 3.5%

[New] Weapons cooling rate increased by 7.5-9.5%

**[New] **Weapons Heating Increased by 4.5-6.5%


Cpu Mod


**[New] **Reduced Sensor range by 45%. Can now detect cloaked enemies with in 1500 meters.

[New] Increase Power of Ability by 25% but increase cool down by 10 seconds.


Active Mod


**[Edit] **Camouflage now profitable on any ship size, duration increased to 15 seconds.

**[Edit] **Recovery module changed: Now heals All targets with in 1500 meter instantly, Healing amount increased by 15%, increase cool down to 160 sec. - We need this one bad - This module is really bad.