Mobile Portal tweak

The Mobile Portal for the Hammerhead is a really cool module, but due to its nature, it is very hard to use effectively.

When you first activate it, it drops an inactive portal where you were. Then once you activate it again (within 5,000m) it drops another and links them for instant travel.

However, if you are to fly beyond the 5km range of the module, it resets and you must fly back to where you wanted the first portal to be.

This should be changed, so that once you reach maximum distantce, it automatically drops the second portal and begins cooldown.

I wish I had seen this earlier. This is the first module that I really regret using resources for. As it is, I find it completely unusable. Because of the word ‘projects’ in the description, I thought you would set one end, and the other end would extend out along your orientation until you stopped it or it hit maximum distance, at which point the other end would be established.


It would be a very nice Recon or Tackler module, so you could stealth into enemy territory and set an entry point, but the Hammerhead is roughly the opposite of stealthy and is more in need of getting itself from point to point. I expected an enhanced Warp Gate, but it’s more of a crappier Anchor Point.


Slightly off topic, but the Battle Station is also terrible. Either it takes too long to set up for frontline medic-ing or the limited range you have to maintain keeps you from being useful. Without the self destruct range it would be a really useful zone exclusion/recovery area device, but as it is, it’s just a reason to use Combat Drones.

The mobile portal is actually really nice because you can control where the portals are placed and at what distance.


My only problem is when I’m just trying to extend a gate for allies from spawn and it disables itself at max distance so it’s useless.


The functionality should remain the same, but instead of being disabled when you reach max distance, it should automatically place the second portal.


And yes I think most hammerhead users agree that the battle station is kind of lackluster. It just isn’t very effective in most situations.