Mob respawn rate needs to be toned down

The rate at which mobs respawn is rediculous, I was in one spot last night where as soon as I had finished off 2 pirates and a bounty hunter, they respawned moments later. I didn’t even get chance to grab the last of 2 containers before they respawned again! This is happening all over, but was really noticable in this spot. Please tone it down a bit.


If it is like this to ensure that locations are populated, then at least randomise the spawn locations for non-mission sensitive mobs.

There are just discrepencies between areas; some places have fast respawns, others are much slower. There are also lots of places with rather difficult mobs in large numbers and other where shooting your quotas of npcs takes a long time simply because they are too few and police forces keep killing them off. Someone has to check each areas of the game to make sure we have the right amount, power and spawn rate for mobs.

Thanks for your Report. I moved this Thread to Suggestions.

thanks for your input - forwarded to Devs

Good Afternoon, its been fixed