Mk 3 Modules

   Would it be possible to make an indicator visible on the modules prior to purchasing MK 1 of which faction will eventually be required to enhance it to MK 3 via vouchers?

+1 to the OP suggestion.

Why didnt I think of that!? +1 

Nice idea. I would love to see a list of items each faction unlocks (the wiki is a half-assed mess)

Why didnt I think of that!? +1 

better question is why didn’t the devs think of this??


when they did this switch i was surprised it wasn’t in there, but since im Jericho techs 90% of the things i use isn’t Jericho Techs so i never bothered B^(


what would be better is if they would remove the Faction requirements on the items and just let us use our vouchers to upgrade them.  i know im sitting on a crap load of vouchers with nothing to spend them on. the things i CAN upgrade in my faction was upgraded before the switch.