Mission launched by corporations

After some thought what a corporation offer, I come to the disappointing point that there is nearly none.

What if, the corporations can launch special missions for their corpmembers? Because not every corporation is very big/active, there would be different difficulties/sizes available. But only one can be choosen for the day.
An example of how a mission could look like for PvP:
Kill 50 enemy ships in PvP. Size 1
Kill 125 enemy ships in PvP. Size 2
Kill 300 enemy ships in PvP. Size 3

Every corpmember contribute with their kills to this goal. Like it was done in the faction PvP event - just for corporation now instead of factions.

I’m unsure about PvE. Maybe either score/wins could be the goal.

If the goal is fulfilled, every corpmember(or if wished only contributors) get rewarded. The rewards are depening on the difficulty/size choosen.

The limit to fulfill the goal is either a day-based system or a 24h-system.

OS is a bit tricky, because the way to do this is like creating an important transporter escort mission.

Only officer+ can launch such a mission and it will cost iridium to do so.
Maybe a corporation is able to launch a PvP and a PvE mission, but not two PvP/PvE mission at the same time(day/24h). So they have to choose wisely what difficulty/size of mission they are (think of being)able to fulfill and the reward for doing so.


Recently I was in one of new corps which has 250 active members (No pilots with more than 10 days of inactivity). What was surprise to me that majority of pilots didn’t show any interest for corp activity, dread battles, tournaments, sc league (:P) …  What I m trying to say that we need something to encourage people to play in corporate teams and to take part in corporate activities.  So this suggestion by Lord Xenon (and many other pilots before)  should be implemented in announced rework of open space. And I think that things like this and similar ideas should be priority over alien weapons and modules …

Also to promote 3+ squads this mission for PVP would yield more than those members playing alone.

Encouraging pilots to join corporation is always welcome ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”) Your suggestion seems to be a nice approach)