Missing/Unavailable Mark 5 modules

Simple question and suggestion at the same time.


When do you plan to fully release so called Mark 5 modules?

I know that all modules will be probably only available for Tier V, rank 13-15 and below.



[Suggestion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/28223-tier-v-mark-5-invasion-exclusive-blueprints-make-them-available-through-missions/) how to get them otherwise, than to be forced to search them in Open Space already exist.


Do you have any plans to give us the system to create [Mark 5 Kits](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27140-mark-5-items-in-the-workshop-unlock-each-one-permanently-with-one-time-investment-monocrystals-research-only/)? I already wrote some suggestions on such subject.

There is another [old suggestion](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/27036-revised-economic-model-for-upgrades-mark-3-and-mark-5-only/) tied to Mark 5 Kits, but a slightly different one.

When do you plan to fully release so called Mark 5 modules?

We are not planning to do more than currently exists. But we are planning to diversify craft modules.

Here lies the problem.

Having only limited amount of orange modules feels wrong.

We got white color - Mark 1, Mark 2 - Green color, Mark 3 - Blue color and Mark 4 - Purple color.

With Mark 5 - Orange color you would expect that you’re able to upgrade everything to Mark 5.

You should introduce Mark 5 Kits, which need to be constructed, but with less monocrystal requirements - 80-90% less!


I want my ship either fully purple (Mark 4) or fully orange (Mark 5).

Since fully orange setup isn’t possible, I will have to resort to (Mark 4 only).


I hope that you understand me.