Missing Contracts related to game mode: detonation

Contracts mostly do with ship killing and beacon capping. This works within game modes recon, beacon hunt and domination where these elements play big roles. However there is no contract specific to detonation. 


Lacking game elements contracts pertaining to this game mode. Other game modes have contracts that can be seen as specific to the game mode. For instance in domination capturing beacon or dealing damage to enemy beacon. In recon killing enemy ships, defending team mates. 


Suggestion adding several contracts with respect to game mode detonation. Suggestions: Capture emp bomb. Plant emp bomb. Kill bomb carrier. Kill attacker of bomb carrier. neutralize (ion beam / cocoon / stasis) attacker of bomb carrier while bomb plants. 



Detonation was only added mid-February as a game mode.


That’s like two and a half months, and as we see they can’t refine things, they just have to mess them up.