Missile warnings

Under the missile reticle display, it would be quite handy to have the names, distances and numbers of missiles that are floating around after you…



I was just thinking of that today, the sound is annoying and not knowing where the missile is coming from makes a 2x multiplier on the annoying. + from me

I would love this to happen, but because of the limited amount of space on the HUD and the fact that for some reason people don’t like having lots of information sitting in front of their faces, I suggest that it just be the distance and type of the closest missile. This would save time, effort, and HUD space. ^^

+++ to the idea tho.

I agree! Missile type, distance remaining (to know when to activate some modules) however, I am not sure about the “direction where it’s coming from” I find this would make it VERY easy to avoid missiles. I’d prefer it to be hidden and I have to figure out where it’s coming from. Distance could help you with looking around.

For me it’s more annoying with guided torpedos: Missile INCOMING WTH. From where?! Oh yeah friendly J LRF shoot his special module…

The amount of missiles is already displayed for you(at least I saw multiple times in OS 2+ missile numbers) and don’t need to speak about Spec Ops 13…

But it would really help to know the distance as some missiles have a short range or the direction of it to hide behind an object to avoid it.

Just an indicator for missiles in the hud would be ok.

Wouldn’t work at that time. There are already much quite necessary info on the display.

The beep is more than enough… (and rather annoying tbh, I wish it could be toned down)

Just an indicator for missiles in the hud would be ok.


Even the missile distance and where it’s coming from would also be cool.