Missile Slots

Ahoy mates,

let us discuss missile slots:


As of now we have to stick to one type in every slot,

but it would add diversity and compexity if we were able to split slots.


Like in 7 Medium missile slot can be splitted to 3 medium missile slots one type and 4 of another type.


Like in Having 3 Ion Warheads and 4 Armor piercer missiles.


That would be pretty cool.


Just be sure to make it so the player can decide on the amounts.

Sensible - but you’d need to figure out a new selection system to cycle through them.


I would also suggest that in arcade every ship gets a missile refill after death.

I’m not entirely for this. This kills balance. The balance is, you need to choose which missile you want to load into the limited slots you have, you then need to choose when to shoot your limited supply of missiles. Having the ability to have every type of every missile available to you is broken. Even if it is limited in number. This removes some skill required, and removes tactics in how you want to outfit your ship. I believe this would unbalance the game.

Yeah, you could do Half EM missles and Half Kinetic, making almost a One Two punch on the enemy dealing near max effective damage.