Missile slot revamp

Long suggestion short: missile slot ammo needs to reload one charge at a time.

And before you go “hey no wait that’s bad I want them all at once” allow me to elaborate on the function:


Right now, say for rockets on an Interceptor, you get 10 missiles total. Once you have fired them all, they all reload in about 120 seconds.

Instead of waiting until the end to reload when you are out of ammo, the missiles should slowly regenerate charges at a rate that is calculated as (cartridge reload time)/(max charges) much like remote minelayer or scavenger drones.

This way, if you accidentally fire a rocket out in to space via a miss-click or whatever, instead of being short one charge for the rest of the battle, it will replinish itself and you will have a full cartridge when you need it.


This will not change the full cartridge reload time at all, but will just make missile slot ammo a little more user friendly.


Upon reaching zero charges, you have the option to wait 120 seconds for a full reload, or fire at any time during the reloading process because it reloads them one at a time.

In the example of the small rockets, 120s/10pc= one charge reloaded every 12 seconds. Full reload still takes 12s*10pc=120s but it is a gradual incline instead of a long wait for all of them.

Reload enhancing items and implants will also not be affected, as they will still work the exact same.

Yep, I like it. +1

make this happen please +90990