Missile Rotary [Missile/Module combo]

This is a (frigate only?) missile type weapon that came out a bit too powerful on the drawing board, so I decided to make it a dual slot weapon. (It needs a Hull mod to function at max efficiency.)

Name: Rotary Missiles

Type: Dumbfire Rocket

Damage: 2,150 Thermal

Explosion radius: 75m

Range: 3,750m

Flight speed: 1,450m/s

Energy use: 90/shot

Time between shots(hold down r-click for continuous fire): 2s (.5s with hull mod)

Tooltip: A rapid-fire, short-range unguided missile meant for taking out quick targets.

Name: Missile Rotary

Type: Passive Hull Modifier

Tooltip: Allows the Rotary Missiles to fire faster. Also increases missile velocity by 50%.

Unfortunately, no new missles in the nearest updates (will be later). But I’m interesting, what makes this missle unique?

i think its supposed to be some kind of fast-fire-missile system.


so much like … firestorm, or rockets?


but i think a module for a single weapon is not the way to go fox in any case.