Missile defence system

Ahoy mates,

let us here discuss the missile defence system.


How about we change it, so it can only destroy guided missiles,

since they have a sensor unit and can be trageted by that.


unguided warheads do not have this system,

and thus should no longer be targettable by this module.

your idea is quite interessting…they might even introduce a “kill list”: you can select the type of missile which will be destroyed first, if multiple warheads are headed towards you (e.g. jericho torpedo, ordinary cruise missile, medium missile)


the unguided versions are easy to dogde even in frigates (anyone not able to dodge a unguided 1500u away fired missile in an imperial frigate should rethink their strategy…)


the cooldown between two shots could be a bit lower (scaling like the flares - right now it takes for a t2mk2 missile system about 14secs to recharge, the flares are about 12 secs(?))


the module itself should be availiable at the store to tiers one and two too not just three and four

But i play jericho, And i could jsut say lets make a sniper defence system for the empire frigates snipers!

there is a defence which is quite cheap and easy to put to use: MOVEMENT

Movement countered by ECM :smiley:

wardens overdrive…a jericho skill availiable at t1…the cpu modifier

It’d be fun if u can just shoot the missiles coming at you though it should have some kind of % evasion else shooting down missiles will be another cheap way to dodge missiles.


Or… do the barrel roll